How to become a lecteur/lectrice

A lot of people ask me how I became a lectrice and how they can get a job doing the same.

First up, some details about the job. Your contract will be 8 hours a week teaching time and for that you get around €1200 a month. Normally, there are extra hours available, so if you work overtime, you’ll get paid about 37 per hour in addition to your base salary. The good thing is that all overtime is paid in late summer in a lump sum, so you’re saving money without thinking about it. Depending on which uni you work at, your responsibilities will vary wildly. My first uni treated me as a proper teacher and I had the freedom and workload that went with it. Other unis will have prepared workbooks etc that you just follow, so preparation is minimal.

So here’s how you go about snagging a sweet public sector job…

  1. If you’re still at university then your uni probably has graduate exchange programmes with unis in other countries. Check with your head of department – this is definitely the easiest way to get a lecteur position. Most French unis have several of their lecteur positions reserved for exchanges.  Some reserve all posts for exchanges.
  2. If not, get contacting unis. You can find a list of France’s public unis here:
    Find the language department on their website and send an email asking for the address of the person who deals with lecteurs. Sending a CV directly to the secretaries without even trying to find out the correct colleagues name doesn’t look great. Normally you should start sending emails in February BUT there are always people who pull out over summer and just before the unis start back, so try your luck. It’s particularly easy for Europeans since a visa isn’t required.

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